Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Great Inspiration - Anita and Honey bees

This is a fantastic real life story of a teenage girl from Bihar who is a great Inspiration for everyone.

Given below are her accomplishments!
1) Anita's life story has been published in Class IV text book by the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) in the chapter titled “Anita and the honey bees”.
2) In 2006 UNICEF chose her as one of the ‘inspiring stories’ for its girl stars campaign.
3) She was declared 'star girl' by then President, APJ Abdul Kalam. ‘Girl Stars’ is a project
which tells extraordinary tales of ordinary girls who have changed their lives
by going to school.
4) She received the "Best Bee-Farming" award from Rajendra Agriculture University (RAU), Pusa, in Samastipur.
5) She has encouraged and inspired thousands of women in rural Bihar to be self-reliant.

a) "I wanted to prove if men can do it, so can I or any other girl like me"
b) "I wanted to study but my parents and relatives in my village did not encourage. I realised that I have to help out myself. I need to fund my studies myself. Today, I have found a place in the textbooks. I want to work for the cause of the deprived children so that they also make it to the headlines and textbooks"
c) After meeting the president she said - "It was my biggest dream to meet the President of India. It felt really great"
d) After helping children in villages to overcome malnutrition -
"I feel immense pleasure in looking after malnourished children belonging to the minority community and downtrodden sections and help them overcome malnutrition by providing dietary supplements and guidance"

Anita Khushwaha lives in Bochaha village in Muzzafarpur District in Bihar(INDIA). She went to college and pursued her Bachelors in Arts (English).She also teaches children and keeps honeybees. She has faced several hardships to become an enterpreneur at the age of 14 after her education was denied by her parents initially. After being born in a poor family of agricultural labourers and convincing them to allow her to go to school since schooling was free till Class V, she taught children to pay for her education. She also persuaded her parents to allow her handle the honey making business and within a few months made a significant profit. This made the villagers to call her a 'queen bee'. A pucca house has replaced their modest dwelling and Anita has gifted a motorcycle to her younger brother. Every girl in her village goes to school now which is a significant achievement.

Link of the chapter: The chapter is given in the format as narrated by Anita and is wonderful. Class IV -> Environmental Studies -> Looking Around(EVS) -> Chapter 5

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Election Time - good one

A mother goat and a baby goat wanders into a forest. Unable to find its way the goats move deeper into the forest. The forest now looks quite peacefull and safe. A lion comes in the way and stares at the goats. Both the goats fear that it is their end. The lion comes nearer, pats the small goat and says 'Y do you fear? I am here to guard this forest' and looks at the goats in a friendly manner and leaves.
The baby goat is perplexed and looks at the mother goat. The mother goat tells 'Must be election time in the forest'

This scenario is a perfect view of the election time. Only during the election period there is proper supply of water, electricity, quality rations at promised rates, building of flyovers and parks in record time and regular visits by the candidates.

Stunning win for Netherlands - ICC T20 World Cup

Yesterday, I was watching the 1st match of the twenty20 world cup. Earlier, the opening ceremony was abandoned as bad weather delayed the start of the tournament. The game was played at LORD'S, England.

It was a shocker of a match for England fans in which the Dutch pulled out a last ball stunning win against England in the opening game of the 20-20 world cup. The Dutch recorded a sensational win to upset England's plans. Going forward, the England team would have to win the next match against Pakistan failing which it would be thrown out of this worldcup marking the major upset of this tournament.

England's Pietersen was out of the game which showed how lightly they had taken Netherland only because it was a minnow nation and since it did not even have test match playing status. But England collapsed under pressure as the Dutch went on to win this match. Splendid performance from Netherlands and the way they played, they deserved to win.

This match simply confirms the following observations made by almost everyone closely following the Twenty20 form of cricket.

1) The team which plays best on the match day wins. The past record of the teams playing doesn’t matter.
2) One player can take away the game since there is less time for the opposition to regain the momentum once lost.

Will the result of this match get to inspire the other minnows; will the defending champions India win against Bangladesh in today's match(to be played at 10.30pm IST) is yet to be seen!!

Below is the Video link of the after match moments and highlights including the last over of this fantastic match

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sports Stadium

It was a sports stadium.

Eight Children were standing on the track to participate in the running event.

Ready! Steady! Bang!!!

With the sound of Toy pistol, all eight girls started running.

Hardly have they covered ten to fifteen steps, one of the smaller girl slipped and fell down ,

Due to bruises and pain she started crying.

When other seven girls heard this sound , stopped running, stood for a while and turned back , they all ran back to the place where the girl fell down.

One among them bent, picked and kissed the girl gently and enquired
'Now pain must have reduced' . All seven girls lifted the fallen girl , pacified her, two of them held the girl firmly and they all seven joined hands together and walked together and reached the winning post.

Officials were shocked .

Clapping of thousands of spectators filled the stadium.

Many eyes were filled with tears and perhaps it had reached the GOD even!

YES. This happened in Hyderabad [INDIA]!

The sport was conducted by National Institute of Mental Health.

All these special girls had come to participate in this event and they are spastic children.

Yes, they were mentally retarded and Challenged.

What did they teach this world?

Equality among all?????

Successful people help others who are slow in learning so that they are not felt far behind.

Monday, May 25, 2009

EncOUntEr wIth thE tIgErs

Sun rays illuminated the small hut where a boy was sleeping on top of a pile of hay. Vaish entered the hut and tip toed across the room like a cat and moved nearer to the pile of hay. He did not want to wake up Hutansh, his friend. Vaish’s feet were small which helped him to lessen the sound he made. Their ears were as sharp as a fox’s and were trained to be like that. These boys belonged to tribal families called Werop which was small and lesser known to this world.

The tribal families lived on the edge of the Irg forest and were nearer to the Tiraamabas river. Several civilized people who had lost their way across the forest met them and had taught them the local language and several practices of the modern world. They were self sufficient but were happy to learn more which allowed the several lost visitors to help the tribal people and give whatever they had on them. The tribe respected all people and became very friendly with the travelers and provided them with food and assisted them in finding the way back. Apart from that they were not disturbed by anyone else. The government allowed them to stay on since they were a peaceful lot and did not upset the ecological balance even though the government started a wildlife sanctuary on the other side of the forest.

Vaish took the small knife lying beside Hutansh and slid out of hut ensuring he closed the door without making any sound. Vaish had lost his fourth knife last time they ventured into the forest a few days ago. His father was angry over it and did not bother to make him a new one. Vaish had wanted the knife now to cut wild fruits from the tree beside Hutansh’s hut to appease his hunger. He had intended to restore the knife to its original place the same way he had taken it. The people of the Werop tribe were an honest lot and never did develop a likeness for others things.

Each member of these families had a knife with them at all times and did not part with it at any cost. They were of a strong belief that the knife protected them and gave them food and were enraged if they lost it. It was the best discovery made by these people and it was as sharp as a diamond.

Now the sun rays fell directly on Hutansh’s face and he couldn’t bear it any longer. He got up and glance across the floor for his knife. He was sad but started his search hopeful that he would find it. But he was quite sure he placed it beside the pile of hay before he slept because that’s were he kept it every night. He moved towards the window and peered outside. He saw Vaish at some distance on top of a tree and something was glistening in his hand. He knew immediately it was his knife. He furiously ran out of his home and towards Vaish. As soon as Vaish saw Hutansh’s face, he understood what was wrong and fear crept over him. He immediately slid down the tree and ran into the forest with the knife in his hand. This angered Hutansh even more and went inside the trees beside him planning to catch Vaish using a shortcut. He was hoping to discover an alternate route which would lead him directly to Vaish. He stopped running. He saw a hyena speeding towards him. He had a steel scale with him which he remembered to take before he left his home. This scale was gifted to him by a ranger’s daughter who visited the place before a few months.

He had once killed a wild dog with one swift move of his knife when he was 6 years old when his father had taken him into the forest for the first time. And when his father saw this, he was proud of his son and knew that his son would be famous one day.

He used the same moves with his steel scale and managed to hurt the hyena which ran away whimpering. He was surprised to see a hyena near the edge of the forest and was curious on what went wrong. He was fearless and went into the forest taking several detours so as to catch up with his friend. After jumping over a fence, he reached an asphalt road.

Sometime later, walking on the road, he met up with several kids. He counted them to be 10 in all and beside them was a tall man. Their faces showed fear but the tall man tried to put up a bold stance. They were surprised to see a boy clad with very less clothes. When Hutansh started speaking in the local language, they felt a little relieved. He enquired on what they were doing at this place. The tall man replied telling that they were on a safari trip in the wildlife sanctuary and that he got information in his walkie-talkie before a few minutes that some of the tigers had broken the fences and had come out of the forest. Hearing this news, Hutansh knew the reason behind the Hyena’s attack and also the kids’ scared faces. He offered help and the man decided to seek his support as he had very less choice. He was informed from the officials that the rangers would come soon to protect them. Hutansh took them into the forest and into a wooden building which appeared to be an old warehouse. Its doors were strong and once everyone was in, he bolted it. Hutansh did not know that the warehouse windows were completely destroyed in last month’s cyclone. They went inside a room and stayed there while the tall man communicated to the officials the directions of the old warehouse. Hutansh could hear some noises at a distance and he knew that the tigers had smelt their trail and were following it. He asked everyone to huddle at a corner and asked them to maintain silence including the man who was surprised at the boy’s braveness and dared not to stop obeying him. The time seemed to pass very slowly and minutes seemed like hours. Everyone broke into a cold sweat and started shivering. Hutansh was not afraid but he too seemed to sweat. There were growling noises outside.

Within a few seconds a tiger was through the window into the warehouse. And two more tigers followed it. The tigers looked fierce, menacing and hungrily at the kids. The boy was blocking the entry into the room and he showed no signs of fear. The leader of the pack came towards Hutansh and seemed to be talking. It said “If you fight and win me, then we will leave everyone alive else we would devour everyone.” Hutansh was shocked to hear that but he was not the least perturbed by it. He decided to fight even if it meant death for him. This was the opportunity to prove the power of his tribesmen. He knew if he could fight the leader first, then the other tigers would hesitate to attack him.

Hutansh brandished the steel scale which he held in his right hand like a sword. The tigers were taken aback a little. The leader pounced on him. He moved a little towards the right side and hit the tiger’s head with his left hand. The blow was so hard that it flew towards the window and landed with a deep thud. The tigers which were at the back of the leader now came towards Hutansh. He was now waving the steel scale wildly hoping to hit at least one tiger. BINGO. He pierced both the tigers’ eyes with the scale and the tigers were left in a momentary confusion. All the tigers regained their balance. Now the leader of the pack came back and bowed a little in front of the boy. It spoke “You are truly a brave person and we do not further intend to attack you. We will leave you all now and will protect you when you need.” The boy felt relieved that this was over so soon.

Everyone could now hear a series of bullets being fired into the air. The tigers jumped through the window as swiftly as they came in and ran inside the forest. The rangers came in and found everyone huddled in a group guarded by a boy who appeared to be only around 15 years of age.

Hutansh could hear the tall man narrating the events exactly as he witnessed it. The only part that was missing in his narration was the tigers speaking to Hutansh. Instead those instances of speaking were replaced by a loud growl from the tigers in his narration. Hutansh understood that he did indeed have a miraculous encounter with the tigers which no one could decipher.

Everyone thanked him a lot and the rangers decided to give a lift to the boy to his house. It was night and the tribesmen were searching for Hutansh and were quite worried. The only person to see him since morning was Vaish and he had seen him enter the forest. As soon as Hutansh alighted from the ranger’s jeep he ran towards his father and mother. The rangers thanked all the tribesmen and appreciated them for having such a wonderful and fearless boy among them. After they left, Hutansh entered his home and found his knife exactly where he had placed it the previous night. He found Vaish standing in a corner. Hutansh was now composed, he took the knife from the floor and handed it over to Vaish and asked him to keep it for himself. Hutansh now knew that his real strength lay in the steel scale which he was holding in his right hand. Both Vaish and Hutansh renewed their friendship with greater zeal and decided never to part.

Hutansh and Vaish became famous for their friendship which lasted till they lived. Vaish never did lose another knife again. Hutansh became widely known and an esteemed man among his tribesmen, using his sharpened steel scale to defend his tribesmen from danger and to get food.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

IPL 2009 last day

The central point of IPL2009 is that the team which used its experience to the fore succeeded. This is because the games were in SouthAfrica and what was required was the ability to take wise decisions. If at all the IPL happened in INDIA, what would have required was power hitting and nothing more! Only the most talented players were able to keep up their names in the IPL. All the young players who were hits last year flopped here in SA. The pitches are quite different in SA, the pitches are slow, bouncy and turns when required so as to help the bowlers whereas in INDIA the pitches are flat and assists anyone who has the ablity to hit the ball hard.

Why are Royal Challengers Bangalore in the finals?

They were in the 7th position in last years IPL, mocked to be a test team but have risen strongly and proved their worth as 20-20 specialists.
The only big answer to the question is Anil Kumble's captaincy with tremendous support from Rahul Dravid and Jacques Kallis. These are two big players who were criticised a lot but this IPL showed what amazing potential they have. They have delivered in crucial situations with the support of youngsters who were moulded by Anil Kumble's and Rahul Dravid's cool demeanor. A 19yr old player- Manish Pandey turned out to be the pick of the season for Royals. Kohli, Ross Taylor and Praveen have also exactly delivered when it mattered.

If at all Chennai SuperKings won yesterday, I would have been worried because then it would have been truly Mathew Hayden's Victory and not a team win. Hayden did not deliver yesterday and Bangalore dominated the semi-finals for 90% of the match.

DECCAN CHARGERS On the other hand relied heavily on Adam Gilchrist's captaincy and Symonds last year and the same continued this year. Remember that Gilchrist scored in the semi-finals and helped his side win. Rohit Sharma's and R.P. Singhs small bursts of brilliance helped the teams cause. R.P. Singhs bowling levels appears to be deteriorating towards the final match which is a worrying aspect for the Deccan. That too with Manish Pandey playing against RP. Singh, todays finals would be an interesting watch. Can Praveen Kumar can tame Adam Gilchrist as he had done before on several occasions, is yet to be seen!

Bangalore and Deccan started as the underdogs this year as they took the last 2 places last year and have entered the IPLs finals to everyones surprise but to the excitement of the teams supporters.

So lets wait and see the IPL finals today and enjoy ourselves. Cricket is going to be the true winner this year.

Something to admire

These pictures are really fantastic!

Friday, May 22, 2009


A girl met with an accident and needed blood. Her 8year old brother was the only person who was in a condition good enough to give blood. So the doctors approached the boy and explained the situation telling his sister needed his blood. After some thought the boy said OK as he knew that her sister loved him a lot and gave him everything he wanted. The blood transfusion started and the girl recovered. When the doctors said this good news to the boy who was lying beside his sister, he replied ‘that’s great! But will I start to die immediately’
The boy had agreed to save his sister even though he was thinking that he would die!! Always love your brothers and sisters; they will when given a chance will save your life…….

help others live till you die.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

A wonderful healer

It was a MONDAY morning. I woke up with a really bad fever and cold. I was in no condition to even get out and decided that I had to take a day off from work. I called my manager and informed him of this unplanned leave. I was in a place 350Km away from home. My room mates volunteered to take me to a doctor. But I never go to a doctor until my body condition gets worse. So I just took a paracetamol but could not go to sleep. My head was rumbling. I decided to call my mom.

My mother was always by my side supporting me when I was happy and when I was in trouble. I dont understand why everyone remembers their parents only when they are in problems. People always have time to watch TV, browse net, and chat with boyfriends or girlfriends but never have time to spend time with their parents who have given everthing for their children and brought them up with care and affection.

It rang for sometime and an automated voice came over telling the 'user is not answering'. My fever increased.

My mother returned the call within 5minutes and I could hear her voice. As soon as I said 'hello'; she asked me how I was and if I was feeling well. I could not speak anything for sometime. How did she know? I lied telling I was fine and we spoke for some more time. I was feeling a lot better speaking with her and quite good when i hung up the call. By afternoon, I was in fantastic shape. I went to the office in the afternoon itself to the surprise of my seniors. I realised the healing powers a mother's words will have.

math question

what is the result of (x-a)(x-b)(x-c).....(x-z)= ?
a) A polynomial
b) A value
c) any other answer?

Sunday, May 10, 2009


A 7 year old boy was coming back to home from school. It was raining heavily that day. He was fully drenched when he reached home. His elder sister shouted at him for getting wet and was angry at him for not waiting at some shelter till the rain subsided. His father was furious at him for not taking an umbrella before leaving to school.His MOTHER was also scolding and shouting not at her son but at the rain for coming at such an awkward time when her son had to start fom school. so always love your mother!!!!:)